Why Someone Needs an Experienced Defense Lawyer

Being arrested for a crime in Houston can be scary and intimidating. Whether or not the suspect committed the crime, the person will need a lawyer. The most important reason that someone needs a houston texas dwi lawyer is to protect their rights. They need someone admitted to the Houston Bar that is familiar with the laws and customs of the state. This is done in many different ways, depending on the situation. The person may or may not be guilty. They may feel threatened or coerced by law enforcement to make a confession when they do not understand the charges. When someone’s rights are properly represented by a competent Houston criminal defense attorney, they have hope for the best possible outcome in the case.

When Someone Is Guilty

Just because someone committed a crime, it does not mean their rights can be ignored. Perhaps they may have made a mistake, or the outcome was not what they intended. They may have acted quickly without thinking or were in a desperate situation. No matter the reason, they should be treated fairly in the judicial system. They may be eligible for release on bail before the trial happens. Someone else may be involved in the case that participated in the activities. These are all factors that can affect the outcome of the case. A smart attorney can arrange plea bargains or convince the judge or jury to sentence the person to the least amount of time possible so that they may pay for their crimes and get on with their lives.

When Someone Is Not Guilty

In the US legal system, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. No matter how obvious their guilt may seem to outsiders, the suspect may not have committed the crime. This is an important time to have a Houston criminal attorney. By sharing all of the details of what happened, a sharp lawyer can help to prove their client’s innocence. A person’s lawyer is often the only one on their side. It can be frightening for them and sometimes for their family members. The case must be investigated from a legal perspective. Witnesses must be interviewed and a defense planned. If the case goes to trial before the charges are dropped, a savvy Houston criminal lawyer may be the only thing preventing an innocent person from going to jail in The Sunshine State.


A Houston criminal defense lawyer can sort out what happened to lead to the individual’s arrest. The Houston defense attorney can determine whether the investigating and arresting officers followed proper procedures. The evidence may have been obtained illegally or falsified. The person could be misidentified. There may be more to the case than meets the eye. A lawyer helps their clients to possibly be released from jail or to expedite the process of a hearing or trial, depending on the type of case.