LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – UMC opened the first clinic that was intentionally built for drive-thru service today. This clinic is located at 96th Street and Frankford Avenue.

Pediatrician Arrington Madison says it’s an honor to offer this new service to Lubbock.

“Being able to be the first ones to do this is going to be really an incredible opportunity,” Dr. Madison said.

UMC’s newest Family and Children’s Clinic will offer newborn and family practices. Doctors say this make it possible to serve anyone.

“We will be able to see anywhere from newborn to really any kind of age, especially with having pediatrics on the first floor and family medicine on the second floor,” Dr. Madison said.

In the drive-thru portion of the clinic, Dr. Madison says pediatricians can conduct tests and administer vaccines.

“Strep swabs, Flu swabs, COVID swabs, and also probably have an opportunity to do Flu vaccines in that area as well,” Dr. Madison said.

She says the real purpose of the drive-thru set up is to accommodate families.

“Being able to have a mom who is bringing up her kids and keeping them in the car and they have their lovey or they have their teddy bear, and being able to, ‘Hey we’re going to do a Flu shot but guess what? We’re going to have a video on, you’re gonna watch some TV,’” Dr. Madison said.

The administrator for the family practice in the drive-thru, Alecia Claxton, says the idea came from the adjustments UMC had to make during the pandemic.

“We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from the pop up drive-thrus that we’ve done and the curbside. So, we’re really hopeful that if the need arises, we’ll be able to serve quite a few and really help the community with that,” Claxton said.

Dr. Madison says along with the drive-thru, they will have wellness visits on the inside. Dr. Madison says this is possible because they have separate waiting rooms.

“The really cool thing about the pediatrics floor is we have a wealth visit waiting room and then we also have a sick visit waiting room,” Dr. Madison said. “So, we don’t have to have those intermixed.”

Pediatrics will be on the first floor serving children from newborn until they are 18. The second floor will be family medicine serving everyone else. Appointments can be made by phone or through the My Team Care App.

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