Zebra Technologies Empowers Interdisciplinary Care with Innovative Healthcare Offerings

New purpose-built scanner and mobile computers help restore caregivers’ time and purpose

Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, today announced new healthcare solutions designed to enable positive patient identification, increase operational efficiencies, and deliver improved patient care. The new purpose-built CS60-HC Series scanner and TC21-HC and TC26-HC mobile computers further Zebra’s ongoing commitment to serve the needs of hospitals and integrated delivery systems, with the goal of improving delivery of care.

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Zebra Technologies Empowers Interdisciplinary Care with Innovative Healthcare Offerings (Photo: Business Wire)

Featuring a unique convertible design and disinfectant-ready housing built to withstand aggressive infection control procedures, the CS60-HC companion scanner adapts to changing workflow needs including corded, cordless, handheld and hands-free. This versatility reduces investment risk, as scanners can be easily redeployed to a cordless or corded application as clinical needs change. When used as a cordless scanner, the ultra-portable and pocketable CS60-HC supports nurse-carry workflows such as positive patient identification and medication administration.

As a corded scanner, it can be used in pharmacies, lab stations or other healthcare environment applications such as medication dispensary, electronic medical record access and specimen verification and reporting. The CS60-HC companion scanner includes Zebra’s DataCapture DNA suite of productivity, management, application development and visibility tools including Blood Bag Parse+, instantly capturing and parsing barcode data on blood bags in one trigger pull.

Zebra’s new TC21-HC and TC26-HC mobile computers increase communication and collaboration while helping deliver improved patient care. The new mobile computers are also ideal for connecting alternative caregivers and interdisciplinary teams that provide patient transport, facilities and materials management, biomedical engineering and security services with one another and with clinicians. The TC21-HC and TC26-HC, featuring Android 10, provide a familiar user-interface. They are made with disinfectant-ready housing – purpose-built for healthcare environments – to help ensure providers can safely and frequently disinfect their devices to reduce the risk of spreading healthcare associated infections (HAIs) in their facilities. In addition, the TC26-HC is Zebra’s first healthcare Wide Area Network (WAN) device with cellular capabilities, allowing both clinical and non-clinical teams to remain connected where seamless WiFi coverage is not available, such as large campuses, home health, and alternative care facilities.

“Increasing patient demands are driving clinicians to look for ways to improve workflow efficiency and communication at the point-of-care with patient safety and comfort in mind,” said Chris Sullivan, Global Healthcare Practice Lead, Zebra Technologies. “Zebra’s new scanning and mobility solution offerings help providers equip their clinicians with the tools they need to respond to patient needs in real-time while reducing workarounds that detract caregivers from their primary goals and often cause fatigue and burnout.”

The TC21-HC and TC26-HC mobile computers offer the powerful complimentary Mobility DNA software suite pre-loaded and ready to use, making it easier to stage, secure, troubleshoot and optimize devices in the hands of both clinicians and IT.