There’s absolutely nothing you have not observed dozens of times ahead of in “Good Sam,” a new health-related drama premiering Wednesday (Jan. 5) at 10 p.m. on CBS.

That doesn’t imply it is not really worth sampling, but be ready for the identical-aged-similar-aged: soapy romance, predictable healthcare facility staffers and patients with scarce ailments whose lives are saved at the final minute through Sherlock Holmes-sort health care deductions. You have witnessed it all prior to on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Resident,” “The Good Physician,” “Chicago Med” et al.

The inherent conflict at Lakeshore Sentinel Healthcare facility lies concerning good, arrogant, bull-headed heart surgeon Dr. Robert “Griff” Griffith (Jason Isaacs) — the main of surgery who drives a classic Mustang — and his daughter, Dr. Sam Griffith (Sophia Bush), who’s whip-wise but lacks Griff’s years of working experience. She’s also his main resident and they clash repeatedly it is his way or the highway. (He snidely refers to Sam’s inhabitants — the arrogant 1, the insecure just one, the earnest one particular, etcetera. — as “a drum circle.”) Oh, and Sam’s mom and Griff’s ex-wife, Vivian (Wendy Crewson), just occurs to be the hospital’s main professional medical officer. Extra spouse and children drama awaits, and we’ll obtain out how Sam’s visible heart-medical procedures scar performs into the fractured father/daughter partnership.

Jason Isaacs and Sophia Bush as Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith and his daughter, Dr. Sam Griffith, in “Good Sam.”

“Everything alterations,” to quote those old “Grey’s Anatomy” promos when, in the series opener, Griff is gunned down in the hospital by a lunatic just as Sam is thinking of leaving for a position at the Cleveland Clinic. He lapses into a coma, and — reduce to six months afterwards — awakens with his schools remarkably intact but his delight/ego dented. Sam has now replaced him as Lakeshore Sentinel’s main of surgical procedure and he’s been downgraded to a person of her underlings as she displays his development ahead of he’s lawfully allowed to run on an additional affected individual.

It’s all cookie-cutter (or is that scalpel-cutter?) things, which is fantastic, if which is what you are searching for in a primetime clinical drama. There are numerous subplots, such as Sam’s escalating partnership with Malcolm Kingsley (Edwin Hodge), the son of Lakeshore Sentinel’s main donor who — surprise! — is transferred to the healthcare facility as its main economical officer. She’s also nonetheless kind of courting a single of her residents, Dr. Caleb Tucker (Michael Stahl-David), who’s hiding a top secret, and she’s peeved to discover that her most effective close friend, Dr. Lex Trulie (Skye P. Marshall), was rolling in the sheets with Griff (pre-coma). So there is that.

Cast photo showing Davi Santos, Omar Maskati and Skye P. Marshall in charater as Drs. Joey Costa, Isan Shah and Lex Trulie. They're talking to Sam, whose face can't be seen.
Remaining to appropriate: Davi Santos as Dr. Joey Costa, Omar Maskati as Dr. Isan Shah and Skye P. Marshall as Dr. Lex Trulie have a term with Sam.

I watched the two “Good Sam” episodes that CBS designed readily available for evaluation, and the 2nd just one, “Natural Order,” is in line with the collection premiere, so not significantly modifications as the tension amongst Griff and Sam ratchets up, a little one is saved by a surgery that appears to be like science fiction (but is not, seemingly) and we study a minimal a lot more about the record of Griff and Sam’s dynamic. The cast hits its marks and does its most effective, but I just really don’t see “Good Sam” as a keeper in an presently-overcrowded style.