The worth of consuming a balanced diet regime and leading an energetic lifestyle to keep one’s well being and health and fitness is identified to all. Having said that, apart from diet regime and work out, it also from time to time turns into essential to eat sure health supplements to fulfil the body’s dietary specifications that are not fulfilled usually.

But with tons of details about these supplements out there, it may perhaps get complicated to pick the ideal a single for on your own. Stress not you can set all your problems to relaxation as Ayurvedic professional Dr Rekha Radhamony unveiled “the only Ayurvedic supplement you need”.

Asking yourself what is it? it’s Amla!

She reported, “Amla is one particular of the top rasayana herbs in Ayurveda – rejuvenating and anti-ageing.” “It is foodstuff in addition medication, and balances all three doshas and is very good for all body sorts. It is a wonderful supply of vitamin C and is very good for skin, hair, eyes, heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys and stomach amongst others,” she extra.

How to eat amla?

Here’s how you can consume this Ayurvedic superfood for numerous considerations, in accordance to Dr Radhamony.

*Vata imbalance: Have 5 grams of amla powder with sesame oil prior to or right after your food.

*Pitta imbalance: Have 5 grams of amla powder with ghee prior to or immediately after your food.

*Kapha imbalance: Have 5 grams of amla powder with honey ahead of or immediately after your food.

She discussed that while amla has a predominant sour flavor, it has a sweet submit-digestive taste. “This will make it pitta reducing as an alternative of growing. For this reason, it is a terrific cooling herb and effective medication for skin disorders.”

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