Experts at the Linus Pauling Institute sponsored an really interesting presentation of vitamin C this 7 days. You may well bear in mind Dr. Pauling, a brilliant and occasionally controversial chemist who published several textbooks and articles on the job of vitamin C and other nutrients in human overall health. The institute at Oregon Point out University that bears his name carries on to have out this variety of analysis.

The webinar opened my eyes to a total new spot of investigation, having said that. Alternatively of talking about vitamin C and the widespread chilly, scientists Dr. Jeanne Drisko and Qi Chen, Ph.D., from the College of Kansas are now learning the use of vitamin C infusions to treat sure conditions, including most cancers.

As wild as it may well seem, these gurus are getting proof that supplying substantial doses of vitamin C intravenously (into the veins) makes the vitamin perform as a drug, not a nutrient. This tactic, nevertheless nevertheless in its infancy, is exhibiting some encouraging results in the remedy of some well being ailments. Remain tuned as we understand additional about this from much larger clinical trials.

Vitamin C is still extremely significant as a nutrient, on the other hand. So substantially so that I gleaned this info from this Institute’s 100 Queries about Vitamin C:

Do we get ample vitamin C in our diets to keep our immune system balanced? 

Probably not. The specialists advise a every day multivitamin supplement that is made up of vitamin C in addition to a diet regime large in fruits and greens, particularly people abundant in vitamin C these types of as kiwi, citrus fruit and bell peppers.

Is it better to consider pure or artificial kinds of vitamin C? 

Both varieties are chemically the very same and our bodies do not distinguish any distinction in between them. Promises that “natural vitamin C” is greater are not supported by science.

In addition, vitamin C nutritional supplements are far better absorbed if taken in smaller sized doses. Two-hundred milligrams is absorbed improved than 500 milligrams, for illustration. And really don’t squander your funds on sustained release vitamin C supplements. They surface to be a lot less absorbed than other varieties.

How do we uncover the best brand name of supplements? 

Fantastic question, because vitamin makers are not necessary to demonstrate their items consist of the specific amount of money of substances stated on the label. Seem for goods that screen “NSF” or “USP” logos. These have been analyzed for potency and purity.

What about vitamin C dietary supplements and kidney stones? 

If you have a heritage of calcium oxalate kidney stones, vitamin C health supplements may possibly not be a fantastic idea. And specifically don’r exceed 500 milligrams of supplemental vitamin C for every working day.

By the way, investigate has revealed that the standard use of vitamin C nutritional supplements can shorten the duration of a cold, but they do not lessen your threat for receiving ill in the 1st position. And curiously, there are no demonstrated positive aspects for getting excess dietary supplements after chilly signs or symptoms have now started. Locate more details at

(Barbara Intermill is a registered dietitian nutritionist and syndicated columnist. She is the author of “Quinn-Essential Diet: The Uncomplicated Science of Feeding on.” Electronic mail her at [email protected])

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