Dear Dr. Blonz: My issue is about sour cream: How numerous times immediately after it is opened can it be applied safely, assuming it is held refrigerated? — D.G., San Diego

Pricey D.G.: Your sour product need to final about two weeks, assuming it has been continually refrigerated and opened ahead of the “best by” freshness date stamped on the carton.

Various elements will affect how prolonged any container of chilly, perishable foodstuff lasts. The variables commence at time of acquire: Because the time absent from refrigeration ought to be kept to a minimal, the browsing journey to invest in refrigerated or frozen foods must be the final quit prior to returning residence. As soon as there, meals ought to be unloaded and stored promptly. (Really, the variables start even previously, this sort of as regardless of whether the item was constantly refrigerated for the duration of output and transportation to the retailer. But these types of things are outside our control.)

When working with this kind of foods, following a serving has been taken from the container, it ought to be resealed and returned to the fridge the much less the openings, the far better. The storage lifestyle of the contents will minimize if the container is authorized to sit for any size of time at home temperature. And when serving, stay away from utilizing utensils that have by now been used for other meals.

What we have right here are only suggestions. Any unusual growths, pinkish colors, “off” flavors or odors are grounds for immediate disposal. If you find wonderful variability in your refrigerated goods’ top quality and shelf lifestyle from a unique retail store, there might be difficulties with that store’s methods or equipment. See the educational webpage from the U.S. Office of Agriculture on safe and sound handling, which covers procuring, storage, leftovers and refreezing: