Supported by the South-Eastern Norway Regional Well being Authority and Akershus University Hospital.

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We thank the sufferers who volunteered for this demo and the physiotherapists liable for their rehabilitation Asbjørn Årøen and Lars Engebretsen for sharing their understanding Inge Skråmm, Jan Rune Mikaelsen, Knut Melhuus, Martine Enger, Asbjørn Sorteberg, and Finnur Snorrason for accepting the invitation to participate in the demo on behalf of their respective departments Michael Amlang for instruction in minimally invasive surgical treatment with Dresden devices Kjetil Hvaal and Øyvind Paulsrud for their supervision the physiotherapists who carried out the physical checks, including Mari Tyrdal, Asbjørn Horn, Kaja Sætre, Susanne Elfving, Marte Fagerheim, Harald Markussen, Rikard Jacobsen Moen, Kari Krokan, Ole Eskil Edvardsen, and Jannicke Fjeldstad Agathe Rønning, Astrid Johansen, Maren Paus, Charlotte Ferner Heglund, Greta Schmidt, and Kristine Kjendseth for guidance in conducting the trial at the Department of Orthopedic Emergency, Oslo University Clinic Lars Fredrik Høifødt, Ingunn Silberg, Anders Lippert, and Bengt Østman for guidance in conducting the trial at Østfold Medical center Trust, Kalnes Annelie Brorsson and Katarina Nilsson-Helander at Sahlgrenska University Hospital for advice on accelerated functional rehabilitation, the MuscleLab check battery, coaching of the physiotherapists, and systematization of the bodily take a look at final results Christian Owesen for concealing the randomized therapy assignments Stein Erik Utvåg for scientific help Reidun Skårerhøgda, Nina Mickelson Welding, Johanna Austeen Gjestland, Hege Nitteberg, Karin Anne Vassbakk, Inger Lene Brovold, Jo Andreas Gundersen, Nina Viksløkken Ødegård, Heidi Andreassen Hanvold, and Andre Øien for administrative help and Marissa LeBlanc and Inge Christoffer Olsen for statistical help at the Oslo Heart for Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Oslo College Hospital.