FARGO — Rick Graalum never ever considered he would uncover himself laying in a hyperbaric chamber, but he has excellent purpose.

“I had COVID and I actually had COVID rather negative,” Graalum claimed.

Recovering from COVID-19 was challenging for Graalum. He contracted a situation of pneumonia that he just could not kick.

“What anxious me was the actuality that my lungs, I could not wander up a flight of stairs without having stopping halfway, and not staying able to breathe,” Graalum reported. “I had migraine headaches. I was so fatigued I could not get out of bed.”

Graalum arrived to the latest hyperbarics clinic in town,

Swanson Hyperbarics Clinic

, the place he has received 20 treatments.

“Right after my first procedure, my migraines under no circumstances arrived back,” Graalum claimed. “I was seeing pretty much a full recovery right after six treatments.”

The clinic now has many two-ton hyperbaric chambers. The doors by yourself weighs 800 pounds.

“Of course, it can be oxygen and pressure,” Paul Watts, director of operations with Swanson Hyperbarics, stated.

Once a doctor provides the green mild, patients like Graalum go in the chamber for the hour-lengthy procedure. The clinic says the remedies are for every thing from anti-growing old to Parkinson’s, sports accidents and COVID lengthy haulers.

“80% of our patients have been very long haul COVID and we fixed them all,” Watts said.

Though clinical and drug businesses typically butt heads with hyperbaric clinics, more hospitals are acquiring them, and the two personal hyperbaric clinics in city have a medical doctor assembly with each and every patient who walks in.

A nationwide specialist on hyperbarics is speaking Saturday, March 5, at the Avalon Party Heart in Fargo.