MARSHFIELD – The tale of how Marshfield Clinic became the worldwide center for the examine and treatment method of a scarce, complicated disease identified as Bardet-Biedl syndrome starts nearly 30 many years ago with a youthful kidney expert examining an unusual ultrasound.

Robert Haws, then 34, was operating at Wilford Hall Health-related Center in San Antonio when he obtained the ultrasound of a pregnant mom dwelling on an Air Force base in Germany.

Mary Morris was in her third trimester, and when Haws examined the ultrasound of her developing fetus he observed that the kidneys were large and bright with cysts within. Medical doctors in Germany suspected polycystic kidney illness, and were uniformly grim about the prognosis. The condition can result in kidneys so large that the lungs have little home to acquire, leaving the babies unable to survive very long soon after beginning.