Elephants are an additional distinctive situation. I can’t assess them the way I do other animals mainly because their pores and skin is extremely thick. As a substitute, we use a visual rating that looks at the exact same factors I would contact but matches images with the text descriptions. Elephants also pose an more obstacle because they are herd animals and all have entry to the exact same hay, which is the bulk of their diet program.

When our female Asian elephant, Bozie, arrived at the Zoo in 2013, she scored in the 8 to 9 selection on the overall body ailment scale. Even though she was in quarantine, we transitioned her off the food items she obtained at her former establishment and on to the food plan we feed our elephants. This involved a improve in the kind of hay and pellets, and an adjustment in the proportion of fruits and vegetables. The moment she absolutely transitioned to her new food plan, our goal was to make systematic decreases to help her to lose the surplus fat.

On the other close of the spectrum, we experienced a geriatric woman Asian elephant, Ambika. She tended to be on the lean facet, so we gave her a exclusive, chopped hay with extra calories to help keep her body bodyweight. It was good for her and she maintained ideal body affliction right up until her demise in 2020.

Amongst Bozie’s launch from quarantine and Ambika’s dying, they lived jointly in a little herd with a further woman. This posed a problem diet regime-intelligent. As I outlined previously, the overall herd eats the exact hay. Eventually, the elephant staff and I made the decision it was far more crucial to preserve their social construction and maintain Ambika at a healthier bodyweight for the reason that she experienced the most constraints in the team environment.

Soon after Ambika passed, Bozie was transitioned again to the Zoo’s regular hay, which has significantly less calories. At her highest, she weighed close to 9,500 lbs (4300 kilograms). Inside of the final calendar year and 50 percent, she dropped all the extra bodyweight. Her current body weight is about 7,900 kilos (3600 kilograms) and she recently scored a 5 out of 9!