• New video exhibits an anti-vaxxer attacking health care personnel at a COVID-19 clinic in Tustin, California.
  • Staff told the Los Angeles Moments that the guy termed them “murderers.”
  • It took seven officers around 15 minutes to restrain the attacker, who they stunned with stun guns.

Newly introduced footage demonstrates an anti-vaxxer attacking employees at a COVID-19 clinic in California very last month.

The incident took put on December 30, when 43-12 months-outdated Thomas Apollo arrived at the cellular vaccine clinic in Tustin.

Healthcare personnel explained to the Los Angeles Instances that Apollo named them “murderers” and accused them of remaining complicit in a COVID-19 hoax.



Footage of the assault starts at :36.

Apollo, putting on a white t-shirt, can be found in the video clip striking healthcare employees prior to being restrained by law enforcement.

Parsia Jahanbani, one particular of the victims, informed the Los Angeles Occasions that Apollo grew to become irate when requested to set a mask on by a safety guard.

He then bodily attacked Jahanbani and a further healthcare worker, who chose to keep on being anonymous, the paper documented.

Jahanbani instructed the outlet that the other employee was pinned less than Apollo and took “a few really strong punches to the head.”

Quite a few persons, which includes a client, stepped in to take out Apollo from the worker, who later on obtained crisis healthcare treatment, the paper reported.

When police arrived at the scene, it took 7 officers roughly 15 minutes to restrain Apollo, who was “irate and shouting profanities,” Jahanbani informed the Los Angeles Instances.

A spokesperson for the unnamed healthcare worker mentioned that Apollo was stunned with stun guns about a few times, and law enforcement officers ended up left with scratches on their arms.

Apollo was arrested on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest, a spokesperson for the Tustin Police Office, explained to the Los Angeles Occasions.

Inmate records clearly show that Apollo was unveiled the following working day, the paper stated.

Alexander Rossel, the CEO of the clinic People With each other, exactly where the incident took put, mentioned above the previous two many years personnel experienced expert common harassment from people disagreeing with COVID-19 screening and vaccination.