Bodybuilder and YouTuber Aseel Soueid has eaten and labored out like some of the fittest men and women in sports and showbusiness, from NBA legend Michael Jordan to WWE star-turned-actor John Cena. In his hottest movie, Soueid spends a working day following the extremely distinct food plan prepare that Stallone not too long ago explained as having adopted to drastically lean down to just 2.9 p.c physique extra fat for the duration of the filming of Rocky III.

For breakfast, Soueid starts off off with just one compact oatmeal and brown rice cookie, and a cup of black coffee with honey and a scoop of amino acids. This is soon followed by a a little much more sizeable pre-exercise routine meal: an omelet designed with 3 egg whites and a total egg, and Irish oatmeal with mango and dates, one slice of bread, and more espresso. And as this is a Rocky-impressed eating plan challenge, Soueid decides to recreate the notorious minute in which Stallone drinks uncooked eggs on display… and it does not go effectively.

The 3rd food is made up of chicken breast, summer time squash, and salad, with yet another cup of black coffee and honey (Stallone reportedly drank up to 25 cups per day). “I’m formally a lover of summer time squash,” states Soeuid. “It can be likely to insert tons of quantity to your meals, and it’s also tremendous small calorie, so you try to eat tons of it, fill you up, and it is really not likely to chip away at your physique, so I can see why Rocky inclides this in his eating plan. It does not go well with espresso and honey nevertheless. Certainly not.”

For the fourth food, Soueid eats grilled tilapia on a sandwich with almost nothing but lettuce, a dry and stodgy eating experience which he describes as “miserable.” He follows this with a single remaining cup of coffee and a single much more oatmeal cookie, bringing his total foodstuff consumption for the working day to just shy of 2,000 energy.