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Most cats receive the usual daily encouraged sum of calcium in a professional cat foodstuff diet. Even so, in accordance to Jonathan Roberts, BVSC, a remote veterinarian at, there are numerous problems that can bring about lower calcium stages in cats such as:

  • Eclampsia (aka “milk fever”): This can manifest in lactating cats within just the initially few times of nursing.

  • Hypoparathyroidism: A metabolic affliction characterized by reduced calcium and large phosphate.

  • Very poor nutrition: If your cat is not acquiring a well-well balanced food plan from cat food items or is out of the blue not consuming ample (which could position to other health situations).

“Oral supplementation of calcium may possibly be valuable in treating the over illnesses. Cats demand amongst .5 and 1 gram of calcium for every day,” Roberts states. “Vitamin D really should normally be integrated in any calcium health supplement to improve calcium absorption in the intestines.”

Sean J. Delaney, BS, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Nourishment), founder of Harmony It and Board Qualified Veterinary Nutritionist, suggests a calcium health supplement that is easily digested and absorbed and that can be administered efficiently. “Commonly this indicates a calcium salt this sort of as calcium carbonate or calcium citrate that is a powder or powderized from a pill variety and then mixed with food items.” He also suggests steering clear of dicalcium phosphate “as it also introduces phosphorus and can be derived from bone (an antigenicity concern for some cats with food stuff allergies).”

As with any dietary supplement, constantly test with your veterinarian in advance of providing them to your cat to make certain it is ideal for their health and nutritional requires. Below are a couple superior alternatives to go over with your cat’s vet:

Zoetis Pet Cal Tablets

This solution was encouraged by Roberts who says: “This is a hugely palatable dietary supplement that has the proper ratios of calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D. It is easily approved by puppies and cats as a address or can be crumbled more than food items.”

Shop now: Zoetis Pet Cal Tablets, $17

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Zoetis Pet Cal Tablets

Zoetis Pet Cal Tablets

Seaweed Calcium by Animal Essentials

This item is 100-p.c purely natural and is derived from human-quality calcified seaweed. Roberts suggests a vitamin D nutritional supplement be extra separately if your veterinarian determines further vitamin D is desired.

Shop now: Seaweed Calcium by Animal Essentials, $27

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium Dog and Cat Supplement

Animal Necessities Seaweed Calcium Canine and Cat Nutritional supplement

Pet’s Pal Eggshellent Calcium Great Eggshell Powder Calcium Dietary supplement

Just about every serving of this calcium health supplement provides 1,900 mg of elemental calcium in the type of eggshell. The powder works by using pasteurized eggs that are floor into an ultra-fine texture with out any artificial ingredients or fillers. For an typical-sized cat, mix a person teaspoon of the eggshell calcium powder into a single pound of your cat’s pet food items, or use as directed by your veterinarian.

Shop now: Pet’s Pal Eggshellent Calcium, $33

Pet's Friend Eggshellent Calcium Supplement for Pets

Pet’s Pal Eggshellent Calcium Health supplement for Animals

Doc Roy’s Healthful Bones Calcium Phosphorus Supplement

This calcium phosphorus powder nutritional supplement can be used in kittens and cats and arrives in roast beef and liver flavor. It has an suitable ratio of calcium to phosphorus for utmost absorption.

Shop now: DocRoy’s Nutritious Bones Calcium Phosphorus Complement, $55

Revival Animal Health Doc Roy's Healthy Bones Calcium Phosphorus Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Revival Animal Health and fitness Doc Roy’s Balanced Bones Calcium Phosphorus Nutritional supplement for Canine and Cats

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