Gnosis by Lesaffre Fully Merges Human Health Capabilities, Unveils New Business Strategy

The business unit uses microorganisms to create solutions for human health and wellbeing

Gnosis by Lesaffre is striving to create a world that moves better, digests better, ages better, feels better, and, ultimately, lives better thanks to microorganisms and biotransformation. Earlier this month, Gnosis by Lesaffre unveiled its new, fully integrated brand and business strategy to help make this vision a reality.

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Gnosis by Lesaffre, a business unit of the Lesaffre Group, is unveiling its new, fully integrated brand and business strategy to the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Gnosis by Lesaffre, a business unit of the Lesaffre Group, harnesses the power of microorganisms and biotransformation processes like fermentation to cultivate nutritional actives, probiotics, and nutritional and functional yeasts that benefit human health and wellbeing. The business unit collaborates with dietary supplement, functional food and beverage, and pharmaceutical brands to develop game-changing products for their customers.

“The term ‘biotransformation’ may be unfamiliar to some in the industry, but it refers to fermentation and other natural processing methods that involve transforming compounds within a living system,” General Manager Marc Philouze said. “It describes exactly what we do. We use living microorganisms to transform compounds into usable nutritional actives.”

The business unit draws on its focused research and applications capabilities, rigorous quality and regulatory compliance, and extensive clinical validation procedures to develop effective solutions for its key markets: Wellness & Immune Health, Digestion & Gut Health, Mobility & Joint Health, Reproduction & Women’s Health, and Mood & Cognitive Health.

“In the past, we have focused solely on building awareness for our renowned ingredients, such as Quatrefolic® and Lynside® nutritional yeasts,” Global Marketing Director Philippe Caillat said. “At the same time, we have been building our expertise and market leadership for our key market segments, so we are proud to bring those to the forefront of our brand strategy.”

Within its market segments, Gnosis by Lesaffre has developed a portfolio of solutions that improve health and wellbeing throughout the entire body:

  • Wellness & Immune Health: Immunity, Daily Nutrition, Cardiovascular Health, Beauty, and General Wellbeing

  • Digestion & Gut Health: Microbiome Balance, Digestive Comfort, and Liver Health Support

  • Mobility & Joint Health: Bone Health, Joint Health, Muscle Health, and Sports Nutrition

  • Reproduction & Women’s Health: Vaginal Care, Urinary Health, Fertility, Pregnancy, and Menopause

  • Mood & Cognitive Health: Mood Health, Cognition, and Stress & Anxiety

The Lesaffre Group entered the human health market in 2007 with the establishment of Lesaffre Human Care, which quickly became a world expert in fermentation dedicated to the human nutrition and health market. Over the following decade, the Lesaffre Group integrated several leaders in human health, including Gnosis Advanced Biotech, Omniabios, and invested in Envera and Intralytix.

“We’ve brought together leaders in human health and nutrition from around the world to form the now fully integrated Gnosis by Lesaffre,” Philouze said. “We’re committed to always exploring the potential of biotransformation, which

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